1. To avoid gaps between rings and chains tat the first half of the chain DS after a ring and alternately tighten the tension on the ball thread then the shuttle thread. This will close the gap better than trying to tighten both at the same time.
  2. When your thread gets twisty let your shuttle(s) hang to untwist, but if the thread is still twisty they may have gone too far untwisting. Hold your work and the shuttle a few inches apart with a loop of thread hanging down between them. If it twists together hang the shuttle and untwist enough that it does not do the twisting.

3. To add thread either for a ring or a chain pick a place where the next instruction calls for at least 3 DS. Begin the next instruction with the new thread, but lay the old thread end beside the new thread. Tat two DS with both threads but count it as three DS. Both ends will be securely held in the two DS, but take up the same space as three. Continue tatting with just the new thread. Later, cut the thread ends close to the work. They will not come undone and the tatting will look as it should. No ends to sew in later!

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