October 2, 2018

Still haven’t gotten around to working on my General Store... YET!  When will my life slow down so I have time to do everything I want to do?

Update 9/29/2018

Well I didn’t get anything added to my General Store this week.  I got side tracked with a Pumpkin Ice Drop which is now available on my FREE patterns page.  Now to get on with adding things to my General Store page, unless I get side tracked again.  LOL


What’s up with this site?

I am working on redoing my website with a new look and more functional navigation.  It was time.

I have included ads at the bottom of the pages to help offset the cost of this site.  I haven’t decided to keep them on there – yet.  They can be ignored, or annoying.

Let me know what you think about the ads.

I have added my books to my Bookstore so now you can buy my books from me and get a personalized autographed copy.  I even have a featured book each month where I will pay shipping to North America.

If your Guild would like to place an order of multiple books for the members contact me and I will discount the price to cover shipping.  Shipping for overseas orders will be actual cost.

This week I am going to work on adding tatting kits and other items to my General Store.  Tatting kits include everything needed to take tatting on the go including two shuttles, thread, and all kinds of useful gadgets in a neat bag to carry it all.

After that I will work on doing some Videos of techniques and some of my Celtic tatted patterns.   I have observed that some people have difficulties working some of these patterns

( I think ) and maybe a video would help.

Anyway, have a great tatting week.  Be kind.  It is a the best gift you can give yourself and others.

Hugs to all,