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Things That Go Tat In The Night

Celtic tatted Halloween Designs Everyone will absolutely LOVE these fall themed tatted lace items you make yourself from the clearly illustrated patterns included in this 26 page 8.5 x 11″ book. Patterns include Celtic tatting spider, bat, owl, and pumpkin as well as clearly written and illustrated instructions for advanced techniques. This is NOT a basic beginner book. Skills required are rings, chains, joins, and picots done in either needle or shuttle tatted lace. Needle tatters must be able to work from shuttle tatting instructions. Revised Edition 2014


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Celtic Tatting A Design Journey On An Ancient Theme

Approx.37 patterns; 50 pages. Patterns include; edgings, knot leaf, shade pull, watch band, crosses, and the alphabet. Revised in 2014.


Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers

ALL Celtic patterns for beautiful tatted flowers and leaves, 30 pages. Revised 2014


Easy Tatting (Dover)

This clearly written, lavishly illustrated guide to the age-old art of lace-making allows even novices to fill a treasure chest with lovely tatted designs. Veteran tatting instructor Rozella Linden has included clear, step-by-step instructions that will help you create simple rings and picots for such projects as earrings, a small sunflower, and an ice crystal as well as chains for flower pins, a small rosette, a lacy square, and a snowflake ornament — among other designs. Advanced tatters will find directions for completing elegant projects that include a tatted necklace (which can also be used as edging), an oval doily, a fancy snowflake, and a delicate table mat. Over 65 drawings and photos enhance this collection of easy-to-do but very attractive patterns that will not only inspire and delight anyone interested in this intriguingly beautiful craft but also enable even beginning tatters to create treasured possessions of exquisite handmade lace.


Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns (Handy Hands)

There are approximately 12 patterns in this 28-page booklet. This is true Celtic as the patterns are chains and then weaved into Celtic knots. Includes cross, butterfly, snowflake, collar, edgings, ear rings, hearts and flowers. For Needle or Shuttle Tatters.


Tatted Earrings and More (Create Space)

This book has more than 25 designs to delight both shuttle and needle tatters. The patterns include earrings, bracelets, pendants, and tatted charms. Tatted jewelry is beautiful, trendy, and fun to make for gifts and to sell while demonstrating tatting. A new method to add beads to the center of a ring is introduced, and a similar method for how to hide one end while tatting the final ring. There are patterns for beginners to advanced. Several Celtic Tatting patterns are also included.


Shabby Chic Tatting (Create Space)

More than 20 beautiful tatting patterns including instructions for table cloths and bedspreads from simple motifs. Hearts, and flowers, edgings and more to delight beginning through advanced shuttle and needle tatters.


Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers (Create Space)

Celtic Tatted Leaves and Flowers (Revised 2014) This revised Edition includes The Leaves and Flowers in the original book plus patterns for a Celtic Poppy Flower and Leaf, Celtic Dragonfly, Stargazer Lily and Day Lily, Celtic Rosebuds, Star Flower, and a Celtic Rosebud Heart. The delicate intricacies of Celtic weaving and Celtic knot work form the basic shapes of this collection of tatting patterns. The interweaving and Celtic knot designs are reminiscent of the ancient Celtic stone carvings and metalwork artifacts, including ancient jewelry found in archaeological digs throughout Europe and the British Isles and the treasures of Celtic Christian monasteries’ crosses and illustrations of ancient books now preserved for generations in museums.


Tatted Butterfly Garden (Create Space)

Graceful flowers and butterflies in a variety of styles and techniques including Celtic, Hanging Cluny, Beaded Double Core Reverse Ring, and Magic Tatting that may be tatted by needle and shuttle tatters with some finger tatting. Skill level: beginner to advanced tatters.


Tatted Hair Pin Lace Butterflies (Create Space)

This is a collection of patterns to make butterflies with tatting and Hair Pin Lace or Tatted Mock Hair Pin Lace. Instructions for making tatting that looks like Hair Pin Lace are included.


Tatted Garden Alphabet (Create Space)

Tatted Garden Alphabet has more then thirty delightful original patterns inspired by the flowers, leaves and vines growing in the garden of an Irish country cottage. The spirals and woven elements reflect the strong Celtic influence in nature and the Irish Celtic heritage.


Tatted One Shuttle Edgings (Create Space) by Leslie Birden Bailey (Author), Ruth Perry (Author)

26 patterns using only one shuttle and thread. Perfect for shuttle or needle tatters of all levels from beginner to advanced.


Knots In Thread (Create Space) by Sparrow Kelley (Author)

This book is by my awesome great niece who learned tatting from her grandmother, my sister, before she was 12. It is the book to buy if you want to understand shuttle tatting and learn "the flip" If you’ve always wanted to learn tatting, but never had the courage to picked up the shuttle, this book is for you! Tatting is a traditional form of knotted lace, and one of the few handmade laces that can not be replicated by a machine. Intended for the absolute beginner, it combines full color illustrations and step-by-step instructions to give you a complete understanding of the art.



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