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Hi everyone!  I am Ruth Perry.


I write tatting books under the pen name Rozella Florence Linden which is my grandma’s first name, my mother’s middle name and my sister’s favorite tree.  When I wrote my first book, Easy Tatting (Dover) my last name was the name of my X husband.  I kept the name because of my kids, but I didn’t wast to publish under that name,

I was born in 1948.  I grew up in Warren Ohio where there is lots of snow and ice.  My Husband, Dan, and I live in Tampa Florida now where the only snow I have is made of thread.

40940599_10156144928539160_8685281903898525696_nHere is a photo of me at age three when I started learning tatting from my mother.  I made a tatted ring that would close correctly before I started kindergarten. It took me a long time to learn, but the learning was fun.  I didn’t do anything with this skill until I was a teenager and wanted to make Christmas presents for my family.

I started designing tatting in my teen years, but kept the instructions in a journal because the only computers in the 50s & 60s took up a lot of space and no one had a personal computer back then.  I’ll look for those drawings and upload a photo later when I find them.

After my kids were in school I went back to college and studied Computer Science.  There were a lot of years that I didn’t do much tatting. I worked as an IT professional for about 25 years and retired in 2003.  I finally had some free time to enjoy tatting!  Currently, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and doing whatever I want to do.  Since I am a “senior citizen” I can do that.

EasyTattingBookCOver copyI taught anyone to tat who wanted to learn.  When I taught a class at SW MI college my students told me I had to write a book.  So I contacted Dover publishing because I love their book quality.  I sent a query letter with a CAD drawing of one of my designs.  They were looking for a book of Easy Tatting and my work interested them.  The patterns were designed over many years but the book was written in 1993 and published in 1997.

CelticBookCoverMy second book, Celtic Tatting Knots and Patterns was published by Handy Hands at the insistence of my friend, Wilma Walker.  Her daughter, Patty was in a dulcimer group with my sister in Cincinnati.  Wilma demonstrated tatting at the Cincinnati museum center.  My sister told me I had to go meet this lady who tatted.  We became fast friends.  Wilma passed away from cancer some years ago and I really miss her.  Can anyone be as precious as good tatting friends?

I have three amazing kids, Jennifer, Paul and Emily.  Dan and I met when our kids were all grown up, so we also have his two Carole and Jamie.  They are all OUR kids.  We have seven grands,  and our first great grand daughter will be a year old in December 2018.  Currently we also have a 17 yr old living with us.  Crystal is the inspiration for my latest Celtic Angel.  I am working on a book of Celtic Christmas Tatting that I plan to have available by May 2019.

We go to Grace Family Church in Tampa FL where I am a member of the Caring Hands small group.  We get together the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays and knit and crochet baby hats for the newborns at Florida Hospital.  We also make other craft items for charity.  I tat crosses and angels for the NICU babies.

I enjoy designing, teaching, and demonstrating tatting.  Writing a tatting book is WORK.  I don’t think people understand what goes into creating a tatting book.  It involves designing the content, photography, graphic design, layout, editing, and much much more.  I have been fortunate that I have learned all these skills and can do the books.  Maybe one more after the next one…

Visit my bookstore to view or purchase all the tatting books I have published to date.  Visit my General Store to purchase other tatting related items I like.

If you would like to come and tat with me let me know.  The North Florida Tat N Chat is the 2nd Saturday of the month in Lake City FL.  Come join us and have some Florida tatting fun!

I share lots of free tatting patterns.  My books are available from retail and online stores that sell tatting books.  I have a Bookstore on this site so everyone can purchase autographed books directly from me.





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