TROLLS World Tour

I could use something a bit fun!!!  Just watched the trailer for the new Trolls World Tour movie!  Metallic thread, Yeah !!!!

Lisa showed us some Diamante Grande, or something like that on her FB live tour of the Craft Corner…  Now I GOTTA HAVE SOME!  Maybe several different colors…

I will be adding my Tatted Troll instructions to the free patterns page tonight.  Anyone ready for some FUN?TattedTroll

Published by ruthperry

I am a retired IT professional who enjoys designing tatted lace. I learned tatting from my mother when I was very young. I have written a number of tatting books under the pen name Rozella Florence Linden. My husband and I have five kids, seven grandkids, and our first great grand daughter will be a year old in December 2018. We live in Tampa FL.

4 thoughts on “TROLLS World Tour

  1. Yes ! They look like fun ! We could use the lightness of fun worldwide.
    I’m glad to see you on here again.
    I recall you had been under the weather before on your last post, I do hope you’re feeling much better. As ever, thanks for sharing your creative tatting ideas. My first books was yours of “Easy Tatting”. I just love the snowflake pattern. Sincerely, Marilee

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