Tis the season for Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year!  While we are getting older, we are still able to enjoy our life together and have lots of fun.  Our kjids may not be doing everything we would have chosen for them, but they are all doing what they have chosen successfully.  Our grandkids are amazing and delight us with every phone call, and photo.  Our first great granddaughter will be two in December.  There are no words to describle how adorable, smart, funny, and precious she is!  We love you all so much.  God has given us a HS senior who is a real joy.  SHe is doing well and on track to have a good life.  We are blessed.


I am also thankful that I am able to see well enough to do a lot of Christmas tatting… and will also be thankful when I am done doing Christmas tatting! LOL


Remember all that you have and can do.  Count your blessings, and count  me as your friend.  Blessings and hugs!

Here is what I have been doing today  One pattyern two different designs.




Published by ruthperry

I am a retired IT professional who enjoys designing tatted lace. I learned tatting from my mother when I was very young. I have written a number of tatting books under the pen name Rozella Florence Linden. My husband and I have five kids, seven grandkids, and our first great grand daughter will be a year old in December 2018. We live in Tampa FL.

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