Advent Angel

Today, Dec 1st is St Andrew’s day.  Tomorrow, the fourth Sunday before Christmas, is the beginning of Advent.    As a child we had an advent calendar with a little paper door to open for each day until Christmas.  My mom made a big deal of it, but I didn’t really know why.  She loved Christmas, baking, making candy, and (ugh) fruitcake.  Decorating, and Christmas music were a big part of the season for our family.

A lot of the Christmas traditions are confusing, a mixture of pagan and Christian beliefs, and we pretty much know that Jesus was not born on Dec 25th, that the 3 three wise men didn’t show up the day He was born, and a lot of the customs associated with Christmas were added much later.

But I know with certainty that God sent His Son to Earth to bring Love Joy and Peace to a sick and hurting world.  We are still in need of a Savior and the good news was announced by an Angel.

So, my new free pattern today is an angel inspired by a Point Lace design.  I originally tatted this Angel in 2015.

Where ever you are, whatever you believe, I wish you Joy, Peace, and Love.



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