NEW Beginning…

This is the view from our new screened patio!

As I think about the path my life has taken often I feel sad because of what I have left behind or lost The good things I enjoyed doing or experiences, or most of all great friends who now are far away. But every ending is also a new beginning.

I have n ot been updating this site for a few weeks. I try to do something new every month, but sometimes I just get busy. I am that guy on the Ed Sulivan show with all the plates spinning on poles. Yeah, I’m THAT old.

We will be saying goodbye to our house on the golf course aned hello to a beautiful Condo in Palm Harbor. This house is just too big for two people. So we are downsizing. Our house will have a lovely family to take care of. Four children will love the pool! I am happy for them, and happy for us. Every day in every way God is so good to us.

Happy Fall

We’re enjoying the cooler drier weather here in Tampa this week.
It is 70 here this morning. Very pleasant!

I know that spring is for house cleaning, but I’ve been cleaning on my computer the past few days. Old photos ( now why did I take a pic of my thumb??? ) and old emails. “Limited time offer buy one get one free” – from two years ago. I try not to let the clutter in my life interfere with what is most important.

I’ve been working on two new projects and I’m really excited about them. More on that later. Being quarentined because of COVID 19 has actually been a blessing for me. I don’t HAVE to go anywhere. Just me and my hubby, and the cats and my hobbies. Life is good!

Snowball Fight Tat-A-Long 2020

In September 2020 I have had enough staying home and being alone. But, still staying home alone. So I decided to do a tat-a-long to document the technique to add thrown off multiple ring motifs to tatting. Writing instructions is boring… Happily tatting with friends is fun.. Here is a photo of the finished Snowball Fight doily. The tat – a – long files are here–> Snowflakes