Happy New Year 2020

We have been so blessed this year,  We’re thankful for all of our friends and family, for precious memories, and new adventures.  One thing that this Christmas holiday season has brought to mind is that our most precious things are not things at all.  We have Christmas ornaments made by our kids and grands, memories of holidays spent with family and friends, and the sounds and smells bring back treasures that we will keep for life.  Love, hugs, and prayers to everyone.  May the new year bring you all of the best in life.  Make good memories!

Found this heart in my UFO tubs.
I will post instructions next week.
It’s a UFO because it’s kind of messy.  The finished and revised/updated pattern will be prettier.


Tis the season for Thanksgiving!

We have so much to be thankful for this year!  While we are getting older, we are still able to enjoy our life together and have lots of fun.  Our kjids may not be doing everything we would have chosen for them, but they are all doing what they have chosen successfully.  Our grandkids are amazing and delight us with every phone call, and photo.  Our first great granddaughter will be two in December.  There are no words to describle how adorable, smart, funny, and precious she is!  We love you all so much.  God has given us a HS senior who is a real joy.  SHe is doing well and on track to have a good life.  We are blessed.


I am also thankful that I am able to see well enough to do a lot of Christmas tatting… and will also be thankful when I am done doing Christmas tatting! LOL


Remember all that you have and can do.  Count your blessings, and count  me as your friend.  Blessings and hugs!

Here is what I have been doing today  One pattyern two different designs.




It is time to start serious Christmas tatting

Celtic Knot Christmas ball 2019Tomorrow is November 1st.    Fifty-five days to tat Christmas gifts and enjoy Thanksgiving and Advent.

Today I tatted a little Celtic Knot Christmas ball, well it is really just a Celtic Knot inside a circle.

Check out the FREE patterns page.

Fall is HERE!

Pumpkin spice in in the air.  Cooler temps here in Tampa are welcome.   Here is a little pumpkin for you.  If you don’t do Clunies tat a green clover with three rings instead.  https://rozellalinden.net/free/


I found a photo of the Celtic Baby Pig I designed years ago and finally wrote the instructions… I will get him added to the free patterns page tomorrow.


Advent Angel

Today, Dec 1st is St Andrew’s day.  Tomorrow, the fourth Sunday before Christmas, is the beginning of Advent.    As a child we had an advent calendar with a little paper door to open for each day until Christmas.  My mom made a big deal of it, but I didn’t really know why.  She loved Christmas, baking, making candy, and (ugh) fruitcake.  Decorating, and Christmas music were a big part of the season for our family.

A lot of the Christmas traditions are confusing, a mixture of pagan and Christian beliefs, and we pretty much know that Jesus was not born on Dec 25th, that the 3 three wise men didn’t show up the day He was born, and a lot of the customs associated with Christmas were added much later.

But I know with certainty that God sent His Son to Earth to bring Love Joy and Peace to a sick and hurting world.  We are still in need of a Savior and the good news was announced by an Angel.

So, my new free pattern today is an angel inspired by a Point Lace design.  I originally tatted this Angel in 2015.

Where ever you are, whatever you believe, I wish you Joy, Peace, and Love.



Happy Thanksgiving

TGobblerSwoop copy
T. Gobbler Swoop

I have many happy memories of Thanksgiving.  Each and every year it was a treat to spend time with family and friends;  Aunts, Uncles, grandparents, and cousins when I was young.  Parents kids and friends when the kids were little, and friends siblings, and nieces and nephews now that I am older.

We are SO blessed.

Prayers go heavenward for all of those who have lost so much in the California fires, and in hurricane Michael.  Prayers for safety of the fire, police, and EMTs working on this holiday.

May God pour out blessings to all.

I have been working on a slight variation on the hanging cluny.  If you can make it to IOLI convention next year in Spokane by all means take the tatting class from Mimi Dillman.  Her tatting with cluny leaves makes me green with envy.  Mine are not as perfect.

I will post instructions for the Hanging Cluny Picot on a shuttle tatted ring soon.

Happy happy Thanksgiving to all!